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    • Acting reels updated!

      23 Feb 2015
      Acting reels updated!

      My acting reels, to include work from 2014, have been updated. As soon as I can get my hands on a decent copy of my scene from Wild, I'll throw out another update, but this will work as a temporary placeholder for now. [...]

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    • Combat Report: Episode 5: Gambit has now aired!

      Oooh, this series is starting to get nasty. How's my character going to explain this one? Watch it starting tonight at 8pm (PST & EST) on TuffTV.com, or if you can't wait, use password "1944" to get in to the action [...]

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    • &quote;Queen Over Jacks&quote; - Official Selection of CIFF!

      We are excited to finally get to announce that our film QUEEN OVER JACKS is an Official Selection for the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF)'s 39th year! Written and directed by Maurice J. Cardwell. Not only [...]

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    • Acting Tip: Forget the comma!

      I get asked sometimes what are some good tips I can provide some of my colleagues out there, stuff that you may not just inherently pick up in an acting class, but are things that I have discovered throughout the years [...]

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