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    • Production starts for Angela's Sacred Heart!

      I had the pleasure of stepping in for my good friend and co-director Jerry Bell Jr. and acting in one of the opening scenes of this new short film, Angela's Sacred Heart, based on a true story written and also [...]

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    • Combat Report's pilot season ends off the cliff!

      So, the final pilot episode (#6) has finally aired, and who knows what will be in store for this team? Will there be a continuation of the season? If rumors are any indication, the outlook is promising. I certainly hope[...]

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    • Acting reels updated!

      23 Feb 2015
      Acting reels updated!

      My acting reels, to include work from 2014, have been updated. As soon as I can get my hands on a decent copy of my scene from Wild, I'll throw out another update, but this will work as a temporary placeholder for now. [...]

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    • Combat Report: Episode 5: Gambit has now aired!

      Oooh, this series is starting to get nasty. How's my character going to explain this one? Watch it starting tonight at 8pm (PST & EST) on TuffTV.com, or if you can't wait, use password "1944" to get in to the action [...]

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